How To Play Mini-Baccarat

Part of what makes Baccarat a great game is that it's so simple.  The Player's decision is limited to deciding what kind of bet to make.  From there on it's in the dealer's hands and you collect or pay when it's over.  In Mini Baccarat, which is the only version most of us will ever see in play, you don't even get the option of handling the cards.


Bet on your own hand (Player) and you face a house edge of 1.24%.  Bet on the Banker's hand and the edge is either 0.6% if there's a 4% House cut or 1.06% if their cut is 5%.  Finally there's the Tie bet which at best gives the house almost a 5% edge (Pay 8:1) and at worst 14+% (Pay 9:1).  Forget the Tie bet for obvious reasons. Unless you can find a game with 4% vig on Banker bets, betting Player or Banker is six of one, half a dozen of the other.


The first thing a casino player asks themselves when stepping up to a game is "how do I improve my odds?"  The answer in Baccarat is easy: you don't.  Other than avoiding the Tie bet there's nothing you can do.  The good news is that the house edge on Player and Banker bets is relatively low and the game is more favorable for the player than, say, slots or keno.

The Objective

The Rules

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