Mechanical Rides

Mechanical rides are great entertainment features for company and school picnics, church and school carnivals, private parties, fundraisers and other events. Your guests will join in the fun whether it's bumper cars, climbing a 32' rock wall, riding on the tumbler and more. The more adventurous will certainly enjoy hanging on to the mechanical bull or flying through the air on our zip line.

Add fun to your next event with any or all of our mechanical rides.
  • meltdown

    Introducing the Mobile Ninja Course! Up to 70 participants per hour have the opportunity to show off their skills as the course will test their strength, speed, and agility. The course comes complete with some of your favorite obstacles, including the Warped Wall! Once competitors complete the course, they push the stop button to record their time on the electronic timer scoreboard which shows the top five record times. A CO2 Cannon will be activated for winners! Are you ready to be the next Ninja Warrior?

    Dimensions: 35'L x 29'W x 15'H
    Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/20 amp circuit

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  • Hippo Chow Down

    Adrenalator is the new extreme action game. Two players race against each other up a 27 degree sprung based variable speed conveyor. It’s a trailer mounted system, suitable for all ages!

    Dimensions: 30'L x 20'W x16'H
    Power Requirements: 3-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Human Billiards

    Meltdown is our 8 player action game which challenges your stamina, agility, and reactions.

    Dimensions: 30'L x 30'W x 7'H
    Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Pirate Treasure Island Combo

    The Mind Winder has eight swings that hold up to sixteen adults or children making it fun for all ages five and up.  It spins 360 degrees and each tub is independent and spins 360 degrees. This ride is great for carnivals, picnics, colleges, schools and corporate events. It is very colorful and has blinking lights for night time events.
    Dimensions: 60'L x 60'W x 15'H Power Requirements: 230v Single Phase 40 amps


  • Multi Theme Fun Park

    The Whirly Bird Ride is a fast and exciting ride for all ages. Up to four riders pull the handle bars in front of them and the ride speeds up. The faster the rider pulls the handle bars, the faster the ride will spin. This ride is great for all ages except for small children under 8 years old.

    Dimensions: 18'L x 9'W x 6'H


  • Waffstix

    The Coconut Climber is a very impressive attraction. It features three separate Coconut trees that have authentic looking palm leaf fronds on the top of each tree. Each climber is kept safe with an auto-belay system. This is great for kids and adults.

    Dimensions 28'L x 15'W x 26'H  


  • Custom Name Items

    Our Kiddie Ferris Wheel is a great mechanical ride, it is sure to be a hit at your Carnival, Fair, or Festival. Eight to Sixteen children may ride at one time in this colorful Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel is self contained with four cars and chaser lights that outline the ride.

    Dimensions: 18'L x 9'W x 14'H Area

    Power Requirements: 1 - 110 volt/20 amp 1 - 110 volt/30 amp preview

  • Rescue Squad Combo picture coming soon

    Our Kiddie Carousel is sure to be a hit with younger children. The carousel has five hand painted horses that are stationary. The carousel spins at a slow speed so smaller children are not afraid of riding. Parents can stand in the center of the ride to hold onto their child if they choose to. The ride comes with safety fencing. preview

    Dimensions: 16'L x 9'W x 10'H
    Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/30 amp circuit

  • Mini-Golf

    The Five Climber Rockwall is one of our most popular attractions. It is very attractive and challenging. Each climber is kept safe with an auto-belay system. Great for kids and adults.

    Dimensions: 28'L x 15'W x 28'H

  • Emoji Hats

    Our Lil' Swing Ride is excellent for small children under the age of 10. It accommodates six children at one time. Must be set up on a flat level, grassy or hard surface. The ride comes complete with an aluminum fence to completely surround the ride.

    Dimensions: 20'L x 20'w x 10'H Area

    Power Requirements: 1 - 110 volt/30 amp preview

  • Mini-Golf

    Our Fire Engine Tram has a real siren and a flashing light on top of the engine. The tram has three cars that accommodate up to twelve people at one time. It can be used for Fairs, Festivals, Corporate Events, parking lot transportation, or a shuttle for guests between event sites. It has a gas engine and can not be used indoors.

    Dimensions: 20'L x 6'W x 6'H

  • Bumper Cars

    Reckless is a super fun carnival ride that will seat 10 at a time. This is High-end amusement park quality rental

    Dimensions: 30L x 15'W x
    Power Requirements: 1-220 volt/50 amp circuit

  • Zip Line

    Soar through the sky on our 28' high Mobile Zip Line. Race side by side or one at a time down to the landing zone, as our auto retract system safely brings you to a stop inches before hitting the inflatable backstop.

    Dimensions: 180' L x 20' W  x 30' H Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/20 amp circuit

    details preview
  • Turbo Tubs

    This exciting ride will thrill all ages. The spin speed of each tub is controlled by the rider so teens can go at top speed while Mom and Dad can enjoy a slower pace with the little ones. Complete with colored lights... This ride is always a hit!

    Dimensions: 30'L x 30'W x 9'H
    Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/20 amp circuit 1-220 volt/30 amp circuit

  • Bumper Cars

    KAPOW is a multi-player game where participants race against each other through a circular inflatable obstacle course. KAPOW’s unique elements is the two strong rotating boom arms. One arm spins in a clockwise direction designed to come into contact with the player at knee/thigh level, while the second arm, spinning counter clockwise, would hit a player around the chest area. Each player will have their own lane, until the final straight where both players race.Requires 30'L x 30'W x 14'H Power of requirements: 2 110volt/20 Amp Circuits

  • Hard Rock Wall

    Strap on a harness and prepare yourself for this vertical challenge, as you climb the face of the rock wall. Our 32' Rock Wall can accommodate 4 climbers at a time.

    Dimensions: 35'L x 15'W x 32'H

  • Extreme Air Inline

    Be prepared to take flight as you jump and do flips on our Extreme Air Inline. It can accomodate up to 4 participants at a time on individual jump pads. Comes with inflatable pads, harnesses and staff.

    Dimensions: 45'L x 35'W x30'H
    Power Requirements: 2-110 volt/20 amp circuits

  • Mechanical Bull

    Hold on tight for an exciting ride. See if you can make it 8 seconds as you get bucked and twisted on our bull. Our Mechanical Bull has an inflated fenced in Corral for safe landings.

    Dimensions: 18'L x 18'W x 9'H
    Power Requirements: 2- 110 volt/20 amp circuits         Will not operate on GFCI circuit

  • Log Slammer

    Four of you are trapped floating in the swamp on tree stumps trying to avoid the swinging log stumps. Do you jump or do you duck? Either way just make sure that you don't fall off.

    Dimensions: 20'L x 20W x 8'H
    Power Requirements: 2-110 vol/20 amp circuits

  • Rip Saw

    Rip Saw pits you against the out-of-control saw blade from the local mill. You have more than one option with this game. Either hold onto the blade for as long as you can or jump from stump to stump using the blade to cross the swamp to safety – but be quick because you are up against the clock.

    Dimensions: 20'L 20'W x 8'H
    Power Requirements: 2-110 vol/20 amp circuits

  • Tumblr

    The 4-person Tumbler is one of our newest rides. Four participants sit strapped inside the tumbler in the yellow seats. The operator spins the ride back and forth until the ride spins upside down and around and around. This is great fun for all those adventurous enough to get on the ride! Not recommended for small children under eight years old. Trailer mounted ride sets up in minutes.

    Dimensions: 16'L x8'W x 9'H
    Power Req'd: 2-110 volt/20 amp circuits

  • Mechanical Skatefboard

    Try out our Mechanical Skateboard. Complete with skate park graphics, see who can stay on the longest!

    Dimensions: 15'L x 20'W x 10'H
    Power Requirements: 2-110 volt/20 amp circuits


  • Mechanical Snowboard

    Why wait for the snow to come to you? Try your luck on our snowboard. Great for all events, no snow required!

    Dimensions: 15'L x 20'W x 10'H
    Power Requirements: 2-110 volt/20 amp circuits


  • Mechanical Surfboard

    Catch the wave and challenge your balance on this mechanical surf board. It is safe and challenging for all ages.

    Dimensions: 15'L x 12'W x 9'H
    Power Requirements: 2-110 volt/20 amp circuits