What's New in 2010

  • Wrecking Ball

    The Wrecking Ball is a fast paced, high energy game for 4 players. Try to stay on your inflated pad as the other players hurl the ball at you. The last player standing is the champion.

    Dimensions: 29'L x 29'W x 13'H
    Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Rockin' Rainforest Combo

    This brightly colored combo is sure to be the highlight of your next event. Bounce around with your friends or climb the wall and slide down. Acomodates up to 6 kids.

    Dimensions: 20'L x 19'W x 14'H
    Power Requirements: 1- 110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Beagle Belly Bouncer

    The newest member of the Belly Bouncer family, the Beagle will be sure to make some noise at your next event.

    Dimensions: 16'L x 25'W x 14'H
    Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Turbo Tubs

    This exciting ride will thrill all ages. The spin speed of each tub is controlled by the rider so teens can go at top speed while Mom and Dad can enjoy a slower pace with the little ones. Complete with colored lights... This ride is always a hit!

    Dimensions: 30'L x 30'W x 9'H
    Power Requirements: 2-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Dixie Twister

    This colorful high speed swing ride will be a hit at any event. The Dixie Twister can accommodate up to 20 adults or 30 children.

    Dimensions: 40'L x 40'W x 10'H
    Power Requirements: 1-220 volt/30 amp circuit and 1-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Tie Dye T-shirts

    Just like moms old college shirt, you can create your very own tie dye t-shirt. With many different colors you can make a fashion statement.

    Dimensions: 10'L x 10'W x 8'H
    Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/20 amp circuit