What's New in 2016

  • Hippo Chow Down

    Get ready...get set...chow down you hungry hippos! Hippo Chow Down is the latest interactive game guaranteed to keep your participants laughing for hours. This is the latest 4-player bungee tug-o-war style game that involves speed, strength, and agility. 4 players start from their back wall and race to the pond of balls to retrieve as many balls as possible and return them to the bag on their wall.

    Dimensions: 30'L x 30'W x8'H
    Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Human Billiards

    This crowd favorite game is now life size! The game is played with large soccer pool balls and your foot is the stick. The object of the game is just like the real game of pool.

    Dimensions: 30'L x 17'W x 3'H

  • Oxygen Bar

    Bring this classic back yard game to a new level with our new Giant Inflatable Cornhole. This game is the must-have for your next giant games event.

    Dimensions: 15'L x 10'W x 5'H
    Power Requirements: 2-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • 9 Hole Play-A-Round Mini Golf

    Enjoy our new 9 Hole Play-A-Round Mini Golf at your next event.

    Dimensions: 38' L x 38' W x 9' H

    Power Requirements: 2 - 110 volt/20 amp Circuits

  • Kapow

    Fire Dog Belly Bouncer is here to rescue your next event with loads of fun!!

    Dimensions: 17" L x 28' W x 14'H

    Power Requirements:110 volt/20 amp Circuits

  • Pirate Treasure Island Combo

    Climb in as you and 7 of your friends take a tour on this Pirate Treasure Island Combo. Enjoy jumping,sliding and climbing on the sunken treasure.

    Dimensions: 21'L x 18'W x 14'H

    Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/20 amppreview

  • I Xtreme Obstacle Course

    I Xtreme is a great way to challenge friends or classmates to an Xtreme race.

    Dimensions: 29'L x 16'W x 15'H

    Power Requirements: 1 - 110 volt/20 amp preview

  • Multi Theme Fun Park

    Multi Theme Fun Park is a great addition to any event up to 8 children at once.

    Dimensions: 20'L x 16'W x 11'H

    Power Requirements: 1 - 110 volt/20 amp preview

  • Waffstix

    What is a Waffstix ? Served on a stick, Waffstix is an innovative snack that will delight everyone. Our unique Waffstix Baker quickly creates an eye catching Waffstix that will add a fun and tasty snack to your event.

    Dimensions 10' x 10' Area

    Power Requirements: 2-110 volt/20 amp preview

  • Custom Name Items

    Now with our new touch screen personalization station. Personalize items such as tumblers, selfie sticks, yo-yos, key chains, sports bottles, bottle openers, pens, travel mugs, book marks and more. They can be personalized with any name or initial, and features many patterns and colors that can be matched to your school colors or to fit any event.

    Dimensions: 10' x 10' Area

    Power Requirements: 1 - 110 volt/20 amp preview

  • Rescue Squad Combo picture coming soon

    In honor of our first responders this cool attraction will Keep you entertained with A spacious bouncing area leads to a climb and slide that's perfect for backyard parties, and events.preview

    Dimensions: 29'Lx13'Wx12'H
    Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Mini-Golf

    Tee-off on our mini GLOW GLOF and go for the hole in one! Mini golf has 9 different holes that give you a course-like experience.This attraction comes complete with Black lights, obstacles, putters, score cards and pencils. Mini golf is Available with or without attendants.

    Dimensions: 30'L x 30'W x 3'H

    Power Requirements: 4 - 110 volt/20 amp

  • Emoji Hats

    Emoji trucker hats is a great novelty to express your artistic self. By choosing your own background and picking out your personalized emoji.

    Dimensions: 10' x 10' Area

    Power Requirements: 2 - 110 volt/20 amp preview